Need maintenance in your unit? If this is an emergency (water leak, etc.) please call the office immediately at (806) 686-2920. Otherwise, fill out this maintenance request to get help.

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Pay Rent
Set Up Account

You will need the ‘RESIDENT ID (T-CODE)’ that was emailed to you or given in your move-in packet in order to setup your account. When first setting up your account, select Wildwood of Lubbock, LLC addressed in Athens, GA. If you haven’t received your T-Code please give us a shout at info@wildwoodlb.comRent and any utility payments are due on the 1st and late on the 5th.IN PERSONYou may drop off a check or money order at the clubhouse.


Wildwood Lubbock is located in a community in which it is difficult to release or relet an apartment space once you have signed this Lease. We cannot provide assurances, and we do not represent that your space will be relet or that a replacement tenant will be found if you fail to take possession, if you are contemplating an early move-out, or if the space is vacated for any other reason.

You will remain obligated under this lease and will not be released should you vacate or fail to take possession, save and except as provided for under paragraph 30, page 11 of the lease. Should Wildwood Lubbock secure you a replacement or sublease, we do charge 85% of one month’s rent as a relet fee. Should you decide to pursue the relet process, here are the necessary steps to follow.

The reletting charge is not a cancellation fee and does not release you form your obligations under this lease.

Notify the office that you would like to relet your apartment. The office will send over a Relet Procedure and Regulations document that will highlight the same steps and confirm the 85% relet fee.

Once an individual has been sourced, they need to go through the standard approval process. This includes the application, lease agreement, guarantor requirements, and resident and guarantor screenings (if applicable).

Assuming they pass, the new tenants file must be complete and the tenant must have paid any current fees and the first month’s rent before they can move in. This entails having signatures of both parties on the Release agreement with firm move-out and move-in dates. Firm move-out and move-in dates are required and need to be within a one-day period of each other.

Once the new tenant is moved in and has begun paying rent, responsibility is then taken from you and passed on to the relettor.


All Pets Should Be Registered prior to bringing the pet to the apartment.

We know many residents love to bring their pet to live with them. We are a pet friendly property provided our policies are followed. Registering your pet is cheaper than being fined for having an unregistered pet.

  • Sign the pet addendum. The addendum gives you authorization from the landlord to have an animal in your unit. Please also talk with your roommates about any intentions of bringing a pet into the apartment.
  • Pets MUST be registered with the office. This includes a picture of your pet and current vet shot records. Your pet will be issued a tag that must be worn on their collar while on property. Tags are issued to identify resident pets from strays so they are not turned into animal control. They can also help return lost pets to their owners. While it is not the property’s responsibility to help find or return your pets, we are glad to help if we can.
  • Pet fee and pet rent is required. For animals 0-40lbs, we require a $200 pet fee as well as $20 pet rent (per pet per month). For animals, 41lbs or over, we require a $300.00 pet fee and $30 pet rent (per pet per month).

Contact the office. They will send you the pet addendum and let you where to submit the other documentation. If you are bringing your pet to move in, look for a pet info table! They will let you know how long after move in you have to register your pet.


  • Damages the pet causes
  • Any fines incurred (unpicked up waste, unregistered pet, etc)


These steps allow a secure network and protect the digital privacy of residents.

  • Select Whitesky Apt # Network from your available Wi-Fi networks.
  • You’ll be prompted for a password to join your network. Enter this from your move in packet.
  • Repeat for any other device you’d like to have add to the network.

(Roku, Apple TV, Gaming Systems, etc)
NETWORK: Whitesky Apt #

  • Find your Whitesky Apt # network
  • Then enter the Password given in your move in folder. (NOTE: this is the same password that you use to login to Wi-Fi for your phone, tablet or computer)
  • If someone has forgotten to log out of any subscription’s accounts, I.e Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc, please log out and log into your account.

Resident Safety

With the Holiday Season approaching, student properties and University campuses can become a target for crime.

Please consider these Crime Prevention Tips as given by the Texas Tech University PD,

Although these tips are mainly geared toward life on campus, we encourage you to apply them to your daily life here at Wildwood. Please also consider these Energy Saving and Damage Prevention tips to help avoid any potential damage and costly usage.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Lock your door whenever you leave your room (and apartment), regardless of the length of time you plan to be gone.

  • Be mindful of visitors to your room (apartment). Do not take in guests you do not know.

    • Do not allow entry into your building or complex to people you do not know. Refer strangers to the hall (property) staff.

    • Do not leave notes on your door announcing no one is at home. Do not place decals on your door that have your name on them.

    • When leaving for a holiday or vacation, do not pack your car the night before. It only becomes a more attractive target for the thief.

    • Report all doors, locks or windows in need of repair to maintenance personnel.

    • Utilize the Operation Identification program. Engrave all valuable items with your driver’s license number and keep a record of all valuables, their descriptions and serial numbers. (The Texas Tech Police Department will engrave your property for free.)

  • If you have a motor vehicle (car or truck), keep it locked at all times. Avoid leaving property in the vehicle where it can be seen

Energy Saving and Damage Prevention Tips

    • Take out the trash before you leave

    • Unplug unnecessary electronics and small appliances

    • Clean out the fridge to avoid rotting and future pest issues

    • Turn off your stove & unplug irons, and/or heated hair styling tools

    • Turn thermostat to HEAT setting at 65 (on both floors if in a townhome). ALWAYS make sure the thermostat fan is on “AUTO”

    • Check for running toilets

    • Make sure lights are off

    • Make sure all windows are closed and locked.

  • Unplug any and all Christmas lights