Wildwood staff will be performing preliminary unit inspections during your lease term. We will be inspecting for unreported maintenance that we can repair prior to your move out date. Wildwood Lubbock management will inform you of any upcoming inspections via e-mail.

  • You are not required to be present for these inspections, but please secure all pets and belongings during business hours when an inspection walk has been notified.
  • We are solely looking for damages to floors, doors, fixtures, appliances, furniture, etc., but we are not observing cleanliness or paint damage during this inspection.
  • Our maintenance staff and licensed vendors will return to perform repairs if any are needed after your unit is inspected.
  • Wildwood Lubbock reserves the right to bill for repairs to the apartment after these items have been fixed, from inspection walks during the lease term or as a final move-out walk.



Wildwood maintenance and licensed vendors will paint, clean, and steam clean the vacated rooms and common areas.

  • We will be looking for excessively dirty apartments (where no attempt was made to clean the unit upon move out), trash and personal items that have been left behind, and excessive paint, carpet, and maintenance related damages.
  • Every resident is sent a final move-out statement after the lease agreement term dates end. All final move-out statements will be surface mailed within 30-days of your move-out. All cleaning, damages, and repairs will be billed back per tenant. Please note that many move-out statements will have a final utility bill.
  • Once the final move-out statement is received by mail, if you have any disputes please take the route directed on the additional paperwork to ensure that we can work through any potential discrepancies.
  • If excessive cleaning, painting, carpet repair, or trash/personal belonging removal is required, additional charges WILL apply.

Trash & Cleaning →


Clear unit of all trash and personal belongings. If anything is left behind other than Wildwood Lubbock furnishings, you will be charged a minimum of $25.00.


Please make an attempt to clean your unit prior to moving out. Wipe down all surfaces, vacuum carpets and baseboards, and clean any excessively dirty areas/appliances. Most importantly, remove ALL trash and personal belongings.


  • Normal wear and tear is NOT dirt or soiled areas.
  • Damage to carpet that cannot be repaired with a steam clean is your responsibility. Any pet damage, excessive staining, tears, burns, etc. will result in the replacement of your carpet and carpet pad.
  • DO NOT place furniture in or around trash compactor. You will be fined.
  • All garbage/trash must be disposed of inside the trash compactor or designated roll-offs – not in parking lots, on patios or balconies, in property trash receptacles, etc.
  • DO NOT perform any painting or maintenance repairs to your apartment. If repairs or paint are done improperly, you will be responsible for the cost of rectifying them.

Painting and Damages →


We do not require you to attempt to match the paint color or re-paint the apartment yourself. If there are any color changes due to someone painting a wall(s), this is in direct violation of the lease agreement and you will be billed back for repainting the walls. All apartment walls need to be the same color that was seen upon initial move-in.


If there are damages such as missing/damaged furniture, excessive cleaning/painting, trash removal, damaged appliances, broken fixtures, damaged blinds, etc., additional charges will apply for these repairs. If damages were documented on a move in inspection form, you will not be charged for those items.

Some examples of fees that you could see on your final move-out statement:

  • Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Broken blinds
  • Damaged carpet
  • Carpet Replacement
  • Missing/burned out lightbulbs
  • Missing/detached smoke detectors
  • Holes in sheetrock larger than a quarter
  • Broken doors
  • Any and all pet damage
  • Strong odors
  • Broken/damaged furnishings
  • Unregistered pets

Keys & Forwarding Address


Move out is July 27th before 12:00pm. When you are ready to check out, lock your bedroom door behind you and visit the clubhouse to return your keys. All residents will fill out an easy-check out form and be able to place all issued keys and wristbands that were issued at move-in. The easy check out envelope then an be sealed.

All easy checkout forms have a final move-out statement address. Providing this address does not mean will forward your regular mail to the new address.


If you misplaced a key that was issued to you at move in, the following charges will apply:

  • Unit/Bedroom Key: $25.00
  • Mailbox Key: $25.00
  • Resident Wristband: $50.00


Wildwood Lubbock will not forward your mail to your new address. Any mail received for you after July 27th will be returned to the original sender.

IMPORTANT: THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE RECOGNIZES WILDWOOD LUBBOCK AS “DORMITORY STYLE”, AND ALL RESIDENTS HAVE THE SAME STREET ADDRESS. This means that you cannot forward your mail via USPS. Please change your address with the SENDER(S) of all mail you will be receiving after move outIf something has been sent to you at Wildwood after you have moved out, you can contact the carrier (Fedex, USPS, UPS) to change the delivery address.